I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.
But I can’t accept not trying.
The man who has no imagination has no wings.

SPORT=スポーツスタイル  TRAD=トラッドファッション

Russeluno 2018 A/W COLLECTIONをご覧ください

SPORT = sports style TRAD = traditional fashion
Breaking down and simplifying traditional and universal fashion sources
together with 90s sports styles
RAD = radical and innovative!
Please view and enjoy the Russeluno 2018 A/W COLLECTION,
combining 3 style sources of street fashion

日本のストリートで誕生した ’’RUSSELUNO’’
ENJOY PLAYING GOLF : 既成概念にとらわれない自由の象徴の使者<LIMPIO>
NO GOLF NO LIFE : 己の技を磨く事をライフスタイルにした使者<TECNICO>
LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURY : 魅せることを使命とした使者<RUDE>

‘’Russeluno’’ Born on the streets of Japan Sending
three kinds of LUCHADORE (Free Agents)
to the Japanese golf scene that has been
Galapanized by isolated evolution!
ENJOY PLAYING GOLF An agent symbolizing
freedom, unbound by established concepts <LIMPIO>
NO GOLF NO LIFE An agent who centers their
lifestyle around honing their skills <TECNICO>
LIVE A LIFE OF LUXURY An agent on a mission
to charm and enchant <RUDE>
These LUCHADORES will spin the concept of golf
wear 180 ° on the worldwide LUCHALIBLE (Free Crusade)